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Leiden Canals

Leiden is a city that belongs to the Dutch division of South Holland. Leiden has a population of about 122,000 people. Leiden is popular for its various water canals within the city. Leiden Canals were originally built in the sixteen hundreds for defense and water management. They were dug in a grid patter around Leiden and in a grid throughout the city with the Rhine river supplying water to the canal system. Today, the water canals of Leiden are used for development and transportation purposes. The canals are decorated with sidewalks along them and quays for boats to anchor and depart.

Today, the biggest use for the canals of Leiden is to transport goods throughout the city. Leiden also invites tourists to take boat tours throughout the city and visit boat restaurants. In addition, tourists might enjoy renting a boat, or taking a taxi to one of the many restaurants, parks, and pubs beside the canals. The Leiden Canals in the Netherlands are an easy and eco-friendly way to explore the sights in Leiden, Holland.


West Frisian Islands: Your Holiday Destination

The West Frisian Islands are a line of islands off the Dutch coast in the North Sea. North of the Netherlands, five islands called Schiermonnikoog, Ameland, Terschelling, Vlieland, and Texel are inhabited by humans. They are part of the Frisian Islands; and they are known by many as the ideal destination for holiday vacations. Every year, about one million people visit the West Frisian Islands for their various landscapes and recreational activities.

Nutrient-rich water and rare marine life, including the grey seal, is a popular tourist attraction in the West Frisian Islands. With minimal automobile traffic on the islands, tourists are invited to go on relaxing walks or bike rides over the various terrain and routes. Many activities such as parachuting, catamaran sailing, kite surfing, and horseback riding are encouraged on the West Frisian Islands. The islands are also home to many pubs, villages, restaurants, farmhouses and art galleries.

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Delft City Hall

The City Hall in Delft, Netherland is a Homage to Timeless Elegance

The City Hall in Netherland is a building located on the Markt near Nieuwe Kerk. This building dates back to the 17th century. The building, with its classic Renaissance architecture, houses famous works of art.

Hendrick de Keyser, a Dutch architect, designed the building after the old city hall burned down. Keyser designed the new city hall around the tower and wall remnants that remained of the old building. He turned the old city hall into the monument it is today, using precise symmetry and color to create a timeless masterpiece.

Not only is the exterior of Delft City Hall astounding, but the interior displays portraits from renowned artists such as Michiel van Mierevelt and Pieter van Bronckhorst. Mierevelt painted royalty and was highly acclaimed in his time. Pieter van Bronckhorst regaled the world with his painting entitled Judgement of Solomon.

Delft City Hall is one of the tourist attractions that can't be missed. The history will stimulate your mind. The architecture will delight your eyes and the artistry will move your soul.


Keukenhof Gardens

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The Most Beautiful And Unique Spring Park In The World: Keukenhof

Keukenhof Gardens, is one of the largest, beautiful flower garden in the world with nearly 7 million flower bulbs planted in the park yearly.The garden was established by a mayor of Lisse, Netherlands in 1949 with the aim of coming up with a flower exhibition for growers to show off their hybrids and improve the Dutch export industry.

The garden comprises various garden styles and gardens. For example, it features unexpected see-through points and winding paths which was designed in 1830 by one of the garden architects. The four pavilions and garden, exhibit a fabulous collection of tulips, roses, orchids,carnations, hyacinths among other flowers.The tulips grown are majorly famous in the world.

The garden is opened only 8 weeks annually. If you want to see the amazing view of the flowers and enjoy the wonderful experience, visit the Keukenhof Gardens in April and May when the park offers a garden parade. It is with no doubt the ideal place to see the most magnificent flowers you can ever imagine.



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